Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting the Most out of Custom Forms

To better your forms and improve the response rate of surveys, consider the following:
Should it be a detachable item or separate piece?
Studies show that response forms may work better as a standalone form. It gets attention faster, and does not require detachment. In other cases, when the amount of information being gathered is minimal, a detachable card reduces paper waste and conveys ecological responsibility. 
Your form should be simple to complete
The way a form is designed can have a strong impact on the information you receive. It should be clear where to respond to each question, and allow enough space for responses. It should also present a logical order.
It should be clear how to respond
If there is a provided envelope, the form should instruct the reader to use it. Highlight the phone number if you prefer responses by phone. If you accept credit cards for placing orders, use the images or logos of the credit cards you accept.
Feature your guarantee
Some consumers hesitate at the final moments of making major purchases. Your form can provide reassurance that you stand behind your product or services, and remind them that the transaction is risk-free.
Ask respondents to “Please Print”
Sales can become difficult when the order form is illegible. Adding the phrase “Please print in ink” above the area where respondednts are to fill out information can provide you with clearer results.
Complete forms provide complete information
The form should be able to stand alone and answer any questions the consumer may have about the offer. If the form is detachable, or separate from the rest of the offer, include the offer, response options, payment methods, expiration date or any other necessary information.
Protect carbonless forms with binding
If you need to carry your forms, or provide on-the-go services, you should consider having your forms bound with a protective cover. This keeps numbered forms intact and in order, as well as provides a writable surface for the completion of the forms.

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