Friday, May 13, 2011

Ordering Wedding Invitations

When it comes to formal stationery, there are a few things to consider before you are ready to place your order. First you must consider your wording, as well as any ink colors and the quantity you will need. There are many different styles of verses to choose from, or you may choose to write your own. The following are suggestions on how to modify the traditional rules of etiquette to suit your modern style.
Writing Your Verse
The first line of the invitation indicates who is hosting. Traditionally the bride’s parents are listed first, but such traditions must be modified when situations require something different. Sometimes the groom’s parents are hosting, other times it is a sibling or the couple themselves. You may include poems or scriptures. Your verse selection should be clear who is doing the inviting, and who is getting married, even if they are one in the same. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

John and Kathryn Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the ceremony uniting their daughter

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
cordially invite
Thomas and Sonya Williams
to share in their joy
at the marriage of their daughter

Alternative for couple hosting:
Together with their parents
Karen Anne Simpson
Christopher William Jones
cordially invite
Thomas and Sonya Williams
to celebrate their union
as they exchange marriage vows
The couple to be married should use at least their full first and last names, middle names, initials or surnames may be included. Any title or suffix, such as Jr., III, or Dr. should be included on formal invitations.

The next line indicates the event and invitation, most often worded as “request the honor of your presence.” This wording is accepted traditionally as indicating the event to be held in a church or religious sanctuary. When the ceremony is to be held outdoors or in any other building such as a resort, hotel, or gazebo, the phrase “request the pleasure of your company” is more common.
The next lines include the date and time, which should be spelled out, for example:
the twenty-fifth of April
Two thousand and eleven
at three o’clock in the afternoon
Half-hours may be written as “four-thirty” or “half past four,” omitting the “o’clock,” which indicates an event happening on the hour.
The last section presents the location, with the complete name and address of the venue spelled out, for example:
First Baptist Church
101 Park Avenue
Springfield, Illinois
Reception information should be included on a separate insert card when it being held at a separate location, or at a later time in the day. If your reception is in the same location as your wedding and is scheduled to begin upon commencement of the ceremony, you may include an extra line that states "Reception immediately following ceremony" at the bottom or in the corner of your invitation, avoid the additional cost of a separate insert card.

If your reception requires a head count, then you need a respond card. When meal choices are an option, you need a custom respond card that enables your guests to choose from your menu options. The respond card must also provide space for guests to write in food allergies, when applicable. In order to keep your reception moving smoothly, you may also need to order guest place cards and seating charts. At King Designs, all of these items can be created and produced in the final weeks before your event.
Many brides-to-be are so full of excitement, they often overlook minor mistakes when submitting their order information. The most common mistake I see when placing print orders for formal stationery is the inclusion of the zip code. You do not need to include this on the invitation, as it is for mailing purposes only.
The second most common mistake I see is failure to review the information. Proofread a printed copy of your verse and any inserted information prior to submitting it for printing. It is also important to have someone else review it as well. Check the addresses of the locations listed, and any other information.
Check the dates. Many people ordering printing at the end of the year for an event being held in the following year, often write the date incorrectly upon submitting their information to be printed. It is a habit to write the current year, so many December 2011 print orders will come in with dates listed as January 29, 2011, or February 14, 2011, despite the fact these dates have long been passed. 
Many print services will not provide a sample of your actual invitation. At King Designs, you have the opportunity to review your actual proof, prior to printing the entire order. We mail your sample invitation to you, exactly as it will be received by your guests, which also ensures your postage rate before finalizing your design.

ng stationery, there is often little time to reprint. Such situations often result in further delay while waiting on replacement stocks and materials.
Personal service is an extremely important aspect to placing your print order. If you are placing your order from an online print service, there may not be anyone to prevent small mistakes from being caught before printing. When it comes to weddi

Addressing Your Wedding Invitations
Once you have selected the ensemble that suits your event, next you must address them.
Formal invitations come with inner and outer envelope sets.  The inner envelope is sometimes lined, and is used to personalize each invitation with the first names of the individuals you wish to invite. Children over the age of 16, still living with their parents should receive separate invitations. The outer envelope is addressed formally:
The rules of etiquette vary depending on who you ask, so these are merely guidelines for you to modify to suit your individual needs:
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, [married couple]
Mr. John Smith and Ms. Carol Jones, [unmarried couple]
The Smith Family, [married with children]

How to Handle your Guests' Reponses

The respond envelopes or postcards should be sent in your invitations with postage paid and the return address provided. When you begin receiving your responses, put them in a specific place, like a shoebox, basket or drawer in order to keep them all together and organized. Keep your guest list in a binder or excel spreadsheet where you can mark the responses for each guest. Allow another week from the response deadline for the mail to be processed. Then, begin calling any guests you have not received responses from.
There are many details to finish in the final weeks before your wedding. If this task proves to be too much for you, you may want to consider utilizing our complete personalization package. We personalize every invitation and corresponding reply card to ease the stress of planning. If you have a planner or coordinator assisting you in planning, you can have your responses addressed directly to your wedding professional. King Desings can also track your responses and generate your guests' place cards for you. Then, we provide you with your final counts and list for your vendors. This option is only available with the complete personalization option.