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Matching Your Wedding Colors

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Matching Your Wedding Colors

Everyone knows that the invitations should set the tone for the wedding, but how closely do the colors need to match? When choosing pieces for your invitations suite, paper selections may be limited, so matching the ink color is more likely.  If you are finding it difficult to locate coordinating items for your event, or have selected one of those "harder-to match" colors, here are some helpful tips to get you pointed in the right direction:

Use the Pantone® Color System
Many retailers, like David's Bridal and The Dessy Group offer swatches you can purchase to show all your wedding vendors. Since one person's impressions of "iris" may differ than another's, this minor expense is well worthwhile. Using swatches helps coordinate the event from the bridesmaid dresses, to the floral arrangements, ribbon, tablescapes and other items.

Choose Design Over Color
Formality can come from classic colors such as gold, silver or black ink on bright white, ivory or shimmer papers. The right design can invoke your theme, without the use of color. As shown in the example below, a simple change of font can bring an easy classic style, a rustic feel, a vintage throwback, or even a deco look.
Elegant Impact Invitation by Carlson Craft >>
Hints of Color
If you are having a hard timing finding the perfect hue, try using variations of shades. This bridal shower invitation was created to coordinate with floral designs in a perfect shade of tea rose. I used hues of peach and rosy pink to give a classy style that the bride and her designer loved.

Material Girls
Keep in mind what items will be displayed together during your ceremony and reception. This is where color matching is most important.
Stick to similar materials to create a complimentary color palette. Cotton, linen, organza and satin fabrics, even when dyed in the same color, may appear different when placed together.

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