Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tips for Stunning Photo Invitations

Personally, I LOVE when couples want to use their engagement photos. Whether it is requested on a save the date or an invitation, I am always careful to be sure I am designing in line with the level of formality the couple wants. I encourage them to get the most out their photography, and of course I always request the photos come direct from the photographer so they can provide the best high quality image for our specifications.

Custom Photo Invitations

This square layered card features a silver backing, with a classic black and white photo, and a top layer of sheer vellum inviting guests to their celebration, all tied with your choice of ribbon. We have a wide range of layering card textures and colors to choose from. Contact Affordable Wedding Invites today to see how we can customize your ideas!

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 Share Your Love Story!

Although most photo invitations are not perceived as formal enough for a black tie wedding, we offer some beautiful designs that will wow your guests. This three-piece Storybook Style Photo Booklet wedding invitation is covered in vintage patterns and joined with grommets. Choose the options that show your style. Get 100 sets for $549.90 - Price Includes: Two-sided flat full color printed invitation with blank envelope on your choice of paper color - White or Ecru Smooth, Shimmer or Texture paper.


Consider cropping.

The photo you choose can set the mood. The way a photo is cropped also makes an impact. Photos cropped too close can pose a problem for production. Choose a photo that offers some space around your faces. Some styles offer options to include more than one photo, too.

Go full color for fun, or choose a monochromatic photo to make a statement. 

By simply changing the photo to black and white your invitation emits a more classic, sophisticated look. Like this Glam Frame Photo Invitation featuring a swirling border in your choice of foil color. Choose the design color to put your look to every part of the unique wedding invitation. Get 100 sets for $224.90 - Price Includes: Flat full color printed and Foil stamped invitation with blank envelopes (inner and outer in white)


Choose a sepia tone for a more rustic or vintage vibe.

Your photo, the unique wrap, the stitching - it all makes this wedding invitation Sew Sweet! Choose the thread color and stitch pattern for style. Get 100 sets for $774.90. Price Includes: Two-sided base card stitched together with printed invitation in raised ink, reception wrap, blank envelopes (inner and outer in white)

Include the photo as a separate insert or on the envelope liners.

Make a statement with this classic ecru outer envelope liner featuring a favorite photo. 100 liners for $73.00 - envelopes sold separately.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

INTRODUCING: Pop-up Invitations!

Can I just say how much I LOVE the options made available with laser cutting techniques? Now Carlson Craft is offering this exquisite pop-up ampersand wedding invitations. Make a statement with this unique style and really WOW your guests!

And it's Official - Invitation

A laser-cut ampersand pops up when this unique wedding invitation is opened to say that you're officially joining your lives, and you're doing it in style. The laser-cutting process makes each piece unique. The backs of your items may show some color variation around the design. Extra postage required. Get sets 100 for $429.90 - Price Includes: Thermography Printed (raised ink) invitation insert, printed wrap, 4 glue dots, blank envelopes (inner and outer in white shimmer).


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